Boy donates one year of dog food to shelter


(CNN Newsource) — By day, nine-year-old Caleb Merron of Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania is a typical boy, enjoying summer.

But in his spare time, he likes to help out four-legged friends in need of good homes.

“I just feel bad for them being stuck in a crate all day,” said Merron. “They go abandoned and they need to feel love too.”

Caleb entered a picture of his dogs, Sadie and Charlies, into a pet photo contest online.

The pups won fan favorite and Caleb won a year’s worth of Purina dog food but instead of keeping the food, Caleb donated it to Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale.

“It’s really nice to donate to people and they need food because soon, the animal shelter is going to eventually run out of money, so they need that free dog food,” said Merron.

Caitlyn Robbins is an Administrative Assistant at the shelter in Dyberry Township.

Robbins say she’s blown away by the generosity of someone so young.

“This day and age, you really don’t see a lot of people in that generation do that,” said Robbins. So, we are just blessed to be in such a wonderful community that they would do something like that.”

Caleb will hand over 12 coupons for free dog food to the shelter as soon as he receives them.

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