Boy, 9, finds $5,000 while cleaning family’s used car


PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WRTV) – An Indiana boy has a $1,000 reward to spend after returning money he found under the floor mats of his family’s used car.

Landon Melvin, 9, was cleaning his dad’s car, a Chevy Suburban bought in September, when he found a package under the floor mats. He told his father, Michael Melvin, who assumed it was paperwork.

But when the two opened the envelope, they realized it was packed with checks and $5,000 in cash.

“I look and I look at him, and I just run inside. I go upstairs. I start calling my wife, ‘Hey, babe, you got to come check this out!’” Melvin said. “And that’s when we dump it on the bed, and money falls out all over the bed.”

Melvin says they never thought about keeping the money, which belonged to a family in South Carolina. In 2019, the family had driven to Florida for a cruise and forgot where they put the money.

The owners of the cash would only accept the money’s return if Landon received $1,000 for his good deed.

“I’ve just been thinking and thinking of all the stuff I could buy,” the 9-year-old said.

Melvin says they checked the rest of the car to make sure nothing else was hidden inside.

“We went back out, and we checked underneath all the rest of the floor mats. You know, what else is hidden in this vehicle? So, that’s one thing I’m going to definitely do when I go to clean vehicles out. That’s the first place I’m starting,” he said.

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