Amazon opens new cashier-less grocery stores in Seattle


SEATTLE, Wash. (CNN/KIRO) — Amazon has opened its first full-size check-out free grocery store in Seattle.

Customers just need an app to enter the store, then it’s all ‘grab and go’ — literally.

With the swipe of a phone, customers this morning walked into Amazon’s new Amazon Go Grocery. A grocery store like any other, with items like produce, meats and beer. Except when you’re done, you don’t pay a cashier, because there aren’t any.

You simply walk out.

This new location in Capitol Hill is the future of where the Seattle-based tech giant sees grocery stores moving. Its Amazon Go Grocery is five times larger than its Amazon Go stores which focus on convenience and simple items. And with the disruptions it’s bringing, traditional brick and mortars like Safeway and QFC are put on notice.

“This Amazon Go Grocery store is here in Capitol Hill, where you have more of a residential population,” said Anna Fabrega of Amazon. “It’s a larger store more focused on groceries to take home, quick and easy meals to make at home, that sort of thing.”

Amazon says the items are competitively priced and sourced locally. The way it works is customers will pick out their items, individually priced, so there’s no weighing involved and walk out. Everything you buy is tracked by those sensors there on the ceiling and then charged to your Amazon account. But there is some disagreement on how much data could be handed over to the company.

“It’s going to learn your patterns of what you get,” said customer Brandon Tran. “And I’m sure that will lead to some advertising and things like that, but I think it’s convenient.”

Amazon would not disclose their expansion plans on these grocery stores this morning, but says it looks forward to seeing this concept take hold.

Though no employees will be checking out customers, workers will be there to greet customers, answer questions and restock shelves.

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