BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Tin Roof Birmingham, a bar in the Lakeview area of Birmingham, Alabama, has responded after a movie showing racist images was screened inside the establishment last week.

Social media posts showed that the incident happened inside the bar Saturday night.

Two videos from inside the bar, showing the images on the venue’s television, were posted to Facebook Sunday morning with a caption reading, “The fact they had this on TV last night at Tin Roof in downtown Birmingham during Black History Month.”

As of Monday morning, the post containing the videos had over 1,600 shares and 1,000 comments that ranged from showing support to calls for a boycott.

The videos show graphic scenes from a film depicting members of the Ku Klux Klan dragging a person with what appeared to be a noose in hand.

In the statement released by Tin Roof, the business claims an employee changed the TV station after basketball games had ended, and that they weren’t aware of what was being shown at that time.

“We are very sorry for the offensive broadcast images. This was definitely not appropriate and we will be more mindful of what channels are shown going forward,” reads the statement, in part.

It’s not known if employees were notified of the film playing before the online posts were made.