Moving Acadiana Forward: Shopping local in the time of COVID

Moving Acadiana Forward

You’ve heard it throughout the pandemic, and even before “shop local.” There’s a Chamber of Commerce in almost every parish to encourage and promote people to support their neighbors. 

News 10’s Caroline Marcello sat down with the President of the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Executives to learn why it’s important to shop small. 

People may know their local chamber of commerce as the ribbon-cutting organization but as Amy Thibodeaux explains they play a major part in our local economy. 

“They are truly the economic drivers of each other municipalities, parishes, or communities that they serve,” said Thibodeaux. “They are working every single day with local business owners to help them ensure that they have the tools and resources that they need to be successful. Then intern that supports all of the employees and the jobs they’re creating.”

The past year has brought new programs, federal changes and regulations. These local chambers work to get out timely information business owners needed to know. 

“They are still working through a lot of the changes but they are serving those businesses every single day day in and day out,” said Thibodeaux. “To make sure the small businesses, which are the heart of our economy are surviving and thriving.”

Thibodeaux says 60 to 70 oerces of businesses in the state are small and lots job creation comes from small businesses. 

“That’s why we encourage people to support small businesses because they are the heart of the local economy,” said Thibodeaux. “It’s that small boutique or jewelry store that’s hiring one or two people, and it’s when they hire that third person it’s a big deal. As opposed to hiring 300 people, which we think is really great. Those 300 people will rotate through that company, but that third or fourth employee to a small business owner is so impactful to them. They feel proud and tied to that employee. The small ones are really the ones creating jobs and driving a lot of things behind the scenes.”

There are over 50 chambers across the state of Louisiana. So if you are ever looking for a place to shop or eat those organizations would have your guide. 

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