Moving Acadiana Forward: HUT takes hands-free temperatures

Moving Acadiana Forward

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — After being closed for two months, Hand Up Thrift, known as HUT, re-opened their doors to customers. With safety being a top priority, they are utilizing hands-free technology to keep their employees and customers safe.

“We wanted to open up under phase 1 with an extra level of protection,” said HUT’s Kat Crappel. “With the masks and of course the hand sanitizer and those things but we also want to be able to take temperatures of staff and customers that are walking in.”

No matter who walks into HUT, the screening process is the same.

“You walk in front of the device itself with a little camera and your face will go in the outline and then it will give you your temperature reading,” said Crappel. “Normal, good!“

The HUT originally was looking for handheld touchless thermometers, but when they couldn’t find them they reached out to A&E machines in Morgan City, who loaned the store these devices.

They check your temperature, dispense hand sanitizer, and have a disposal for used masks.

“It added that one extra level of protection that we really wanted for our customers and staff,” said Crappel.

He’s usually behind the camera, but I caught KLFY videographer Conrad Hertzock as he checked his temperature before we started our interviews.

“Even through phase 2, we want to make sure that we go through with the temperature checks and the masks for both clients and employees,” said Crappel.

According to the HUT, they are the only store in Lafayette to have that type of technology.

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