Moving Acadiana Forward: Hampr expands services into prescription deliveries

Moving Acadiana Forward

Hampr, an app-based laundry service out of Lafayette received recently got a big investment from a local Health Innovation Fund. 

The fund, supported by these health care providers will help Hampr expand its health care delivery service, Presto Health which will  deliver prescriptions to patients.  

“I don’t know about you but when I am sick and having a telemedicine visit at home the last thing I wanna do is drive out to the pharmacy, pick up the pharmaceutical that I’ve been prescribed and then come home,” says Cain Robinson with Lafayette General Health. “I can sit there and say during my telehealth visit, Presto I can have my Pharmaceuticals delivered to me at home, I mean brilliant I don’t have to leave.”

Laurel Hess is the founder of Hampr. She says, “I have hated laundry for so long, and two years in the making we finally got it live it was kind of a blow when the pandemic hit. It really hampered our expansion plans.”

The pandemic affected hampr like many other businesses, but it gave Hess the opportunity to use her existing platform in a new way. She says, “We really took a look at everything we have built and said you know what we can do that. We can do that with very little development mark because the platform is essentially the same thing. We are pretty much using all of the things we built for hamper that are really cool, for presto health to deliver prescriptions.”

By delivering prescriptions straight to patients there’s a hopes to curb medicine adherence, that’s when patients aren’t taking their medicine correctly or at all. 

Robinson explains, “Many people forget to take their drugs or they leave the hospital and just don’t stop and get them, this helps us with that. A number of people who are very sick that’s key to their success at home and then getting better. Making sure we have that last mile delivery solution to say that we will take these to you is extremely important in making sure they get the right care, at the right time, with the right person, with the right medicine, and they get to heal at home.” Presto Health hopes to deliver prescriptions by October starting with telemedicine and urgent care visits, moving into other clinic and hospital discharge prescriptions after that. 

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