Medical Breakthroughs: Avocado hand injuries are sending more people to the ER than you think

Medical Breakthroughs

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) According to the medical research, avocado related injuries sent an average of 24 people to the ER everyday in 2018.

Its so common, doctors have named the injury, “Avocado Hand.”

News Ten’s Megan Kelly has more on how to prevent the “avocado hand,” in a story you will see only on 10.

Whether its on toast, in guacamole, seven layer dip or straight up, avocados have been on the rise for the past ten years. But could they be a danger for you?

“It’s so common. People are trying to cut an avocado and they hold the fruit in their hand and they try to slice it. The knife slips and punctures into their hand and cuts vital structures.“

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bryce Fugarino is a specialist in hand surgery. He says he saw three people in one month in his clinic with the same avocado hand injury.

“ What people don’t think about is if their finger is not moving normally or if they feel numbness, they tend to ignore a while but you don’t want to do that. These injuries are serious and they need to be checked out by somebody who has got good training in this field and they can be fixed promptly within a few days.”

Doctors say people can lacerate vital tendons, nerves and blook vessels if they are not careful. This requires serious hand surgery and long term physical therapy in the hopes of gaining full function of the hand back.

“The outcomes are good depending on where you cut your hand. Certain areas heal better than others. For the most part if we get to it quickly you’ll have a good outcome.“

Here’s how to protect yourself against hand injuries from an avocado:

Never try to “stab” the pit out and never hold the fruit in your hand while cutting it.

Use a sharp knife instead of a dull knife so you dont have to push down as hard. And if you can, use a took to help cut your avocado.

“This is where people get in trouble they want to get the pit out so they try stabbing at it or try to pry it out. These little tools have something sharp on it and you hit it and spin it and it comes out.”  

In Lafayette, Megan Kelly, KLFY News 10.

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