LARC’s Beads ‘N’ More Store employing those with special needs

Mardi Gras

LARC is in the middle of one of its biggest fundraising operations.

For over 15  years, LARC has provided job opportunities for several individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In this case, their “Beads-n-More Store” allows them to work, as well as, have a little fun getting into the Mardi Gras spirit.

By generous donations and a partnership with Goodwill, the store works all year long to prepare for the Mardi Gras season. Upon arrival, visitors will see LARC individuals sorting through beads. First, they are measured by size, then bundled into a dozen of the same size and length and then bagged accordingly. The sizes range from 33 to 72 inches and LARC individuals say their goal is to sell out of everything before Fat Tuesday. This store also provides great opportunities for its employees.

“It makes our individuals feel very self-sufficient. You know, this is their job,” said Carthy Guillet the Job-Development Manager. “Like we have jobs. They have jobs. It allows them to do extra things. It also allows them to pay their own bills. a lot of these people are on their own and have to pay bills just like everybody else,” she added.

When visiting the store, there were no longer any beads left to sort and restore. But, plenty on the shelves and in their warehouse ready to sell. 

Learn more about LARC’s Mardi Gras Beads-n-More

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