It’s officially that time of year.  Throughout Louisiana, you’ll see a lot of beads, parades, and formal balls. But, In the more rural parts, you’ll see men and women dressed up in colorful fringed outfits, chasing chickens. 

The tradition comes from, ” A more earthy Mardi Gras for rural towns,” Brady McKellar explained.

Brady McKellar, director of museum operations said, “The Mardi Gras (revelers) would go outside, get drunk, dirty, run around, play all day, beg for ingredients to make the gumbo.”

Anyone visiting Vermilionville Sunday, February 24, is in for a special treat.  That’s because they are holding their annual demonstration of Courir De Mardi Gras Chicken Run. 

McKellar said, “It’s great that we have this because not everyone can make it out to the rural towns, or may not feel comfortable, so this provides them that experience.” 

The Revelers are at Vermilinville from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The annual chicken run will be held in the backfield at 12:30 p.m.

If you plan on visiting Vermilionville today, expect a lot of music, dancing, and small scares.