LSU students respond to another allegation of sexual assault on campus


BATON ROUGE, La. — There is another allegation of sexual assault at LSU. It reportedly involves a student-athlete and allegedly happened in February.

The Gym Armory building is mostly reserved for student-athletes. But now, it’s the site of LSU’s next sexual assault investigation.

It’s the first alleged case of a sexual assault on campus since that damning Husch-Blackwell report. The initial report filed by LSU Police states a misdemeanor sexual battery happened around the week of Feb. 8 at the Gym Armory building on campus.

“I think after the Title IX situation being brought to a national light, I feel like the way they handle this case, will set the precedent for how they handle future cases,” said LSU student Mea Morrell. “So I would hope they would do the right thing, especially since it’s on a national spotlight.”

The victim in this recent case identified the suspect as an LSU student-athlete. The names have been redacted from the report. An LSU spokesman said the university cannot get into specifics about the case in order to protect the victim and help potential witnesses feel safe speaking up. The students we spoke with are hoping for transparency as LSU tries to set a new standard in handling sexual assault cases.

“Well definitely handle it differently than it has been in the past,” said LSU student Hira Muzaffar. “And just stick to staying to what they say they’re going to do, and just do what’s right for everyone involved.”

We asked LSU students if leaders have done enough since the report was released to make them feel safe on campus.

“During the day I do, but at night I’m a little bit more hesitant,” said LSU student Ruby Jarvis. “Just because, like, you hear so much stuff of things happening on campus that, like, you never really know what could happen. And it’s just a lot more common than you think.”

But students believe only time will tell when it comes to how LSU officials handle future sexual assault cases — and those actions will speak louder than words.

“I hope now with the Title IX situation being brought to life, that they’re taking the appropriate steps to make all women and all students here feel safe,” said Morrell.

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