Zachary Police Chief defends school officials in alleged teacher/student sex investigation


ZACHARY, La. — On Monday Zachary Police Chief, along with detectives held a news conference following the arrest of Ellarea Silva.

She is a teacher at Northwestern Middle School in Zachary who was arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student.

McDavid told reporters after they were alerted to the accusation, they conducted an interview with the victim and was given the alleged victim’s phone.

McDavid says investigators retrieved 52,000 pictures and hundreds of videos as evidence from that phone.

Zachary City Council Member Lael Montgomery has criticized the handling of the investigation in recent days.

“I’m not going to back down when it comes to a child being sexually abused in my district and in our schools. We’re not covering up when it comes to innocent kids. It’s not going to happen on my watch,” Montgomery said in an interview shortly after Silva’s arrest.

Montgomery also criticized the school.

“It’s disgusting. It’s hurting. I mean you trust your child is going to be protected in this environment and this environment harbors predators,” said Montgomery.

But Chief McDavid voiced strong support for the school, saying he supports the school, and the principal.

“I stand with (Principal) Debbie Brian,” said Chief McDavid and went on to describe her as a “good principal.”

McDavid also pointed out in the news conference that evidence gathered does not suggest any of the instances happened on school property.

Montgomery also attended the news conference and said it’s his job to protect the family. 

“We have to admit we have a problem,” Montgomery told reporters.

When asked if Montgomery and the Chief wanted to talk about their differences the Chief pointed off-camera saying, “My office is right there.”

As for how the investigation moves forward, McDavid says it’ll be up to the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the case.

Chief McDavid and investigators say they’ve worked hard on the case and have never been contacted by Montgomery with any concerns

We’ll continue to follow this developing story and update the story when new details are available.

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