Zachary mayor apologizes after recording of heated, profanity laced meeting is released


ZACHARY, La. (LOCAL 33/FOX 44) – The Mayor of Zachary, David Amrhein, is apologizing after a recording of a heated, profanity laced meeting in his office is released.

“I’ve had a conversation with people, ya know, sometimes gets heated, sometimes it doesn’t,” Mayor David Amrhein said.

He’s talking about an audio clip of a heated meeting between him and City Councilman Lael Montgomery.

That meeting happened Monday, immediately after a news conference got fiery.

Montgomery and several others are calling for the resignation of the principal of Northwestern Middle School after a teacher was accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.

Verbatim of audio clip is below:

Amrhein: Lael, I’ll tell you right now. It’s got nothing to do with black or white.
Montgomery: It never did.
Amrhein: Yeah it did.
Montgomery. He made it about black and white when he went to the Advocate

Amrhein: You want to ???? in here, but you want to do it out there.
Montgomery: What you mean? I’m being real.
Amrhein: Son, you ain’t being s***
Montgomery: Oh wow

Montgomery: You think I’mma back down from you. I’m not being what? Get your hands off me.
Amrhein: Let me tell you what. I ain’t scared of you.
Montgomery: I’m not scared of you either.
Amrhein: You need to keep your mouth shut.
Montgomery I’m not ever gonna do that

Montgomery: That’s why I can’t have a meeting with you
Amrhein: Bull****
Montgomery: You shouldn’t even be in leadership
Amrhein: You shouldn’t be either

Amrhein said as far as he’s concerned, once they walked out the door, it was done.

“I was wrong. I apologized and he apoloized. Stuff happens in the heat of the moment. It happens in my office. Not the first time. Probably won’t be the last time,” Amrhein said.

Amrhein said he is ready to move the city forward. As far as the principal, he says it’s up to the school board to investigate.

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