Women Putting Health on Hold During the Pandemic


BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)—A recent study indicates that 80 percent of women report barriers that prevent them from taking better care of their health.

As day to day tasks start to pile up, plus the added stress from the pandemic, all of this may have been causing your health to take a back seat, especially for women.

Baton Rouge General Family Medicine Physician Dr. Rachael Kermis said, “That’s what some of the mom’s coming in and telling me, that they just feel like they are pulled in every which way and most don’t even know their own name, especially with the zoom schools right now.”

This caused some people to miss their doctor appointments.

Kermis said, “I would say they really have to get in and see their primary doctor, or their gyn about making sure we are up to date with the mammogram and pap smears because. We’re supposed to get a mammogram at least once a year, and because of COVID I’ve seen people because of timing and stuff who haven’t got it in over 2 years.”

Some mothers have found it hard to balance life, work, and kids, all while prioritizing their health.

Baton Rouge Mother Terrilyn Lewis-Henry said, “As a black woman I have not been taking care of myself like I should. because I prioritize the wrong things when I should be prioritizing myself in order to be there for others.”  

However they are striving to practice self care.

She said, I want to do more exercises basically. I want to be able to eat better and make my choices on time for me.”

Denham Springs Mother Deanna Ingalls said, “Like in the morning, I get a couple of hours to myself that I can focus on me or you know, take a bath because once he’s up, “me” time is out the window.”

Doctors said the benefits will extend beyond oneself.

Dr. Kermis said, “If you’re well. You can kind of think of yourself as a well, and if you get tapped dry, you can’t help anyone else.”

Lewis-Henry said, “Take the time to take care of you.. You can’t do anything for anyone else be it your job, be it your family, and yourself.”

Doctors said that you can improve your mental and physical health by getting some exercise, taking some “me time,” and reading.

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