KENNER, La. (WGNO) — A woman has been arrested and accused of injuring six deputies at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

On Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 24, Shannon Epstein, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s niece, was on a Spirit flight when deputies allegedly tired to remove her from the aircraft.

When the Jefferson’s Parish Sheriff’s deputies when made contact with her on the jet bridge, Epstein allegedly became combative, biting and spitting on deputies, as well as kicking another in the groin.

According to investigators, she repeatedly stated that deputies would lose their jobs or be arrested because of her family relationships.

Epstein was arrested by deputies and booked with six counts of battery on a police officer, three counts of disturbing the peace, one count of resisting arrest by force and another count of remaining after forbidden.

She posted bond later that day and is scheduled for court on in January.