(KLFY) – Louisiana ranks among the top 15 in a recent Forbes Advisor study that ranked each state in reference to how aggressive and confrontational their drivers are.

According to the report, Louisiana ranked 11th for worst road rage nationwide.

The following statistics and surveys were commissioned by Forbes Advisor and conducted by OnePoll.

Below are the top 15 states with the most confrontational drivers and worst road rage (highest to lowest):

  1. Utah
  2. Missouri
  3. Colorado
  4. Oklahoma
  5. New Mexico
  6. Nevada
  7. Maryland
  8. Indiana
  9. Washington
  10. Delaware
  11. Lousiana
  12. Rhoad Island (tie with Lousiana)
  13. Alabama
  14. Wisconsin (tie with Alabama)
  15. Massachusetts

Louisiana scored 87.78 out of 100 points on metrics measuring confrontational drivers and road rage.

The study also stated that of the 5,000 drivers surveyed nationwide, 85% said that they have experienced road rage, from honking to more severe forms of road rage. 19% of those surveyed said that they have seen drivers lose control of their car because of road rage and 16% have witnessed someone else lose control of their car as a result of another’s road rage.

It also found that 22% have seen an accident as a result of road rage, and 23% personally know someone who was injured following a road rage incident.

The most common maneuver in a road rage incident was honking (63%), followed by tailgating (62%), rude gestures (45%), and the driver cutting them off (43%), the study reported.

See the full report here.