BATON ROUGE, La. (BR Proud) — While a lot has changed in 2020, one thing remains the same — Louisianans are still searching for the perfect holiday gift. A new report from AT&T Experts found people want to give gifts that fall in line with the lifestyle changes many Americans have made since the start of the pandemic.

In Louisiana, it’s no secret that there has always been a passion for cooking and now, the coronavirus has amplified that love for both amateur and proficient cooks. To reflect this, AT&T Experts found that one kitchen appliance is taking front and center this holiday season — the air fryer.

In fact, the air fryer is the most popular gift on the list for the majority of Americans. “Beyond its Amazon listing, the air fryer’s popularity has dominated in the form of Instagram accounts, multiple air fryer cookbooks and TikTok hashtags that boast more than 362 million views,” according to AT&T Experts.

Photo provided by AT&T Experts.

Gift givers also seem keen on giving a present that seeks to comfort as people deal with a heightened sense of anxiety, like the weighted blanket. Additionally, the tech-focused Fitbit is also popular, as people look for alternative ways to stay in shape.

Other popular gift items across the U.S. include Baby Yoda, the Amazon Firestick and Amazon Alexa.

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