(KLFY) — In an interview aired on CBS This Morning, Congresswoman Julia Letlow (R, LA-05) reflects on losing her husband to COVID-19 and urges that those who remain unvaccinated take the shot.

The congresswoman won a special election in March to fill the seat that her husband Luke left empty after he died of COVID-19 complications five days before he could take office. She’s the first Republican woman from Louisiana to serve in Congress.

Julia says in the interview that she and Luke prayed for weeks prior to the vaccine coming out and that they were planning on getting it, but Luke missed it by two weeks.

“I would’ve given everything for that shot to have been available for us,” Letlow said. “Looking back now, and for someone to turn it away, it’s heartbreaking to me.”

Luke did not have previous underlying health conditions.

Julia said that if she were to speak with someone who’s on the fence about getting the vaccine, she’d tell them her story.

“I would tell them about Luke.”

Letlow has two young children, and she said she’d get them vaccinated on the first day a vaccine is approved for their age if that were to happen.

“My prayer is that not one more person has to lose their life to this virus… We have the answer, let’s use it.”

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