“We are trying to find the amazing individuals” Monroe Police looking for tire thieves


The Monroe Police Department is searching for the suspect(s) wanted in connection with the theft of tires from a vintage vehicle.

The tires were stolen off a 1976 Camero at a car dealership and Police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and recovery of the wheels and tires.

“We are trying to find the amazing individuals that decided to go out of their way last night to display their amazing ability to change tires on our 1976 Camaro,” a social media post read.

“I am sure that this beautiful piece of American racing history inspired the NASCAR pit crew member within these individuals but unfortunately we aren’t hiring for technicians right now. Some how these brilliantly gifted people forgot to leave the wheels and tires when they were done.”

The rear wheels have a manufacture date of 6-88 and had holes drilled around the lip of the rims, and the front wheels have a manufacture date of 09-92, police said.

“Officer Miller with Monroe PD wasn’t terribly impressed with the skill level that was displayed and mentioned that you should probably invest in proper jack stands so you don’t get hurt,” (Not being a thief was also among those recommendations), the post read.

“The video shows you were pretty slow and terribly sloppy, but I’m sure the light being in your eyes didn’t help. So when someone finds out you were involved and wants that $5000 reward all they have to do is call Monroe PD and speak with Officer Miller to help get you fitted for your new jewelry and your new living accommodations.”

Any information will remain anonymous. You are asked to call Monroe Police or the Quachita Parish Sheriff’s Office with the information. 

“However, should you happen to remember that you don’t like felony’s you are more than welcome to try and remember how to be a man and return the wheels during business hours and apologize like a real man would, something tells me you don’t have what it takes, so Monroe lets let these punks know that we are fed up with this kind of trash taking advantage of our city.”

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