LOUISIANA (KLFY) — Limited water usage and boil advisories have been in effect for days now which is not only affecting residents of Acadiana, but businesses as well.

Dana Devillier, Coteau resident, said, “This past weekend was probably the worst we’ve had. They shut off the water Friday night. So when I got home I went to turn on water to cook supper, no water. No water to take a bath. We did not have water all night Saturday or Sunday morning. Then when I was able to grab water I boiled it because we’re under a boil advisory, the water is disgusting. We’ve got brown stuff in the water that I wouldn’t drink it, I surely wouldn’t cook with it. It’s the quality of the water, it’s just not good.”

While many residents across Acadiana are dealing with loss of water at home, business reopening after the holiday are now facing similar struggles.

Even companies like AT&T are unable to use the restrooms at their call center.

Samantha Jackson, AT&T employee, said, “We arrived early this morning and the bathrooms were all blocked off, water pressure was really really low so we don’t have any facilities inside the building to use so we noticed there was a line of porta potties lined up outside.”

Parishes have also seen a significant decrease in water reserves in the system due to continued usage from running faucets over night, on top of the already high usage during the holidays.

Jody Suire, Chairman of Waterworks District 3 in Iberia Parish, said, “The district has experienced pressure failure off and on since I would say probably early Friday morning. We’ve had to shut the water off on numerous occasions to the customers in the system in order to build up reserves in our ground storage water tank.”

As crews continue to work on water across Acadiana, boil advisories will remain in effect until further notice.