PORT FOURCHON, La. (KLFY) — Hurricane Ida made landfall at 11:55 a.m. Sunday in Port Fourchon as a Category 4 storm. Video submitted by Jeremy DiBenedetto shows the effects of the storm as it hit. A before and after shot makes it unclear whether a building shown remains standing or not.

DiBenedetto made a Facebook post with the footage taken from an Arlo cellular camera attached, saying that everything happens for a reason.

“All I can say is WOW!!! The two things in life you NEVER underestimate, God & Mother Nature!! I’m not sure if anyone has ever gotten footage like this ever before, but the power of this storm is totally UNBELIEVABLE!!

“We’re not sure if she’s still standing, but the dock is still there. What really sucks is we just got done remodeling and lifting it about 30 days ago from all the damage we got last year from Hurricane Zeta. Luckily, I’m in partnership with two people who are awesome at their trades David Tallo Jr. with Tallo Construction & Danielle Todd Harper with Harper Metal Buildings.

I wasn’t able to help much with the renovations but they took the bull by the horns and spent several weeks raising and rebuilding it to practically new. Unfortunately the first time I had seen it since the renovations was Thursday, when we went to get some stuff out and put everything high as we could in the camp. Everything happens for a reason they say, so God had different plans for us.”