BATON ROUGE, La. (BR PROUD) The death of 2 year old Nevaeh Allen has made a tremendous impact on the community in Baton Rouge.

The toddler’s body was found in a rural area in Hancock County, Mississippi last weekend.

Her mother and her mother’s boyfriend are accused of killing her.

A memorial sits outside the apartment complex of where Nevaeh Allen lived. Neighbors holding a balloon release honoring her life. Police say 2-year-old Nevaeh Allen’s life was tragically taken by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

Kim Crockett is a grandmother. She lives in the neighborhood and says you don’t have to know Nevaeh to feel the sadness.

“It hurt me, it hurt me. I could not sleep at night. It hurt my heart, you know what I’m saying, I was just crying for the baby and family.”

“It’s not just hard on the family, It’s hard on everybody.”

Dozens in the community saying their last words and prayers for the baby girl.

“Could have gave the baby to me, it did not have to happen.”

Sharon Kinchen says a loss like this affects both the adults and the children in the community.

“They probably used to play with her. They still don’t understand what’s going on because they’re still babies themselves.”

“It’s not just the family that hurts. It’s hard on everybody.”