Video: Hard Rock Hotel Demolition


The controlled demolition of the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel happened Sunday.

We have a re-cap of the events leading to it.

“I just knew something was falling. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t process that it was the building that collapsed on me until afterwards, when they had got me out of it and I looked up.”

Something horrible happened. It was mid morning Saturday at the edge of New Orleans’ French Quarter at the Hard Rock Hotel, under construction with over 100 people on the job.

“We are on rescue mode. We have teams making entry as we speak to try and locate the one victim that we had that we have not been able to locate.”

This is the desperate cry of a family member, waiting to hear the fate of a loved one.

“If he is alive or if he is not. that is the worst thing in the world… not knowing.”

Now businesses are concerned since the hard rock building collapsed on last Saturday. What will this do to their bottom line?

“What we have done as of now, we have removed one body from the site and have transported that individual to the coroner’s office, at which time they will be identified.”

“So we are working together as hard as we can, on a timeline that will allow for those crane towers to be taken down safely before tomorrow. The winds could conclude that operation from going forward.”

“We were all evacuated on Saturday morning, when the building came down and were made to leave with none of our personal items.”

“30 minutes is the time expected for those cranes to be demolished. that is when the implosion is set to occur. the reason they have not been set off by the explosives is because the workers crews inside the building are making sure everything goes off without a hitch.”

“I do not think it could have gone much better. If you look at the front crane, it went down exactly as we expected it to and we think we are going to be fine. that is really really good.”

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