PORT FOURCHON, La. (KLFY) – News 10 has learned there was no weather alert sent from the U.S. Coast Guard, though sometimes they do notify mariners of bad weather. And, one of the Coast Guard ships first to the scene of the accident had to leave, while there were still men on the lift boat.

“It is always a difficult decision to suspend a search and rescue effort, but I want the families to know that we gave it all that we had,” said U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Will Watson. “We brought resources from all over the Gulf Coast.”

The Coast Guard says one of its vessels was at the scene of the capsized lift boat, and rescued one of the crew. Then, went back to shore, because the man was seriously injured.

“The cutter left the location while we still had men outside,” said Scott Daspit, father of missing crew member Dylan Daspit. “The government let us down here. The Coast Guard.”

According to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Lauren Jorgensen, there were still a few men on the ship, but a helicopter lowered down life jackets and a radio to them. Jorgensen says the rescue swimmer could not get into the water to assist. She says they were in radio contact with the men. Jorgensen says the men said they were going back into the ship. Then, communication was lost.

Jorgensen says the men went back into the ship after six crew members were rescued.

At this point, we don’t know if they were found dead or are still missing.