NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) —A family in New Orleans dresses up their home to scare themselves and the community. The Marchand family said they do it to give back in their own spooky way.

“This was an opportunity for us to give back and have something for our family and friends in the community have something in their neighborhood.  My brothers and sisters might have a bunch of tables and chairs and I have lights, music, and sound equipment.  My brother has the grills and we bring it all together and do it up pretty big!”

For close to a decade, the Marchand family in Gert Town has gone all out for Halloween. They are part of the haunted house tradition in the country that can be traced back to after the great depression. They were looking for a way to occupy trickster youth away from them causing problems of vandalism, robbery, and pranks in neighborhoods.

“Who doesn’t want to be scared?  That heartbeat, the darkness, the closeness, it’s exhilarating,” said Percy.

Like many families in New Orleans, the Marchand houses are next to each other allowing for the haunted house decorations to connect for attractions such as a graveyard of health-conscious bones getting ripped who don’t seem to be resting in peace but rather in pieces as they exercise through the night.  There’s a gruesome kitchen inspired by the recent Netflix special on Jeffrey Dahmer, but it all leads to the backyard where a gateway to the haunted house from hell beckons both the unfortunate and Halloween holiday enthused.

Once you’ve made it out of the house from hell, a skeletal second line heralds your funeral, a uniquely New Orleans experience.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate life and to remember the happiness and good times we’ve had with our loved ones.”

A family that prays together stays together, and likewise, a family that preys on victims together scares together.