ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Families in Acadia Parish are recovering after severe storms damaged their homes early Saturday morning.

News 10 spoke with National Weather Service. A representative confirmed there was an E.F.1 tornado that struck down in Morse, La.

Gary Davis is a resident down Sally Rd who said he heard everything.

“I heard a terrible roar, (so) we knew the wind was something fierce,” Davis said. “Then we heard a bump against the house we didn’t know what had happened. It was still too dark to see.””

When everything calmed down, Davis said he stepped outside and saw something he never expected to see.

“We saw that our front awning was missing. The camper had been pushed over on its side and into the trailer itself. Our back fence has been torn down. Two of the cars have damage from window breakage. Luckily everyone that was here is alive and well,” Davis said.

There were multiple other homes down Sally Rd. that experienced similar damages.

Trudy Badeaux said her part of her roof came off.

“We had cement blocks cemented into the ground pulled all that and hit on top of my house. I got water in my house,” Badeaux said.

Badeaux said she was not home when it happened, but her husband was home and got trapped.

“He couldn’t get out,” Badeaux said. “He said their whole house shook. He was never so scared.”

Members of Red Cross showed up to the street to assess the damages of what took place.

“We are out here assessing the damage. We are going home to home checking on people and seeing if they can qualify for assistance cases. We have already identified about four residences that will qualify for assistance,” said Red Cross representative Harry Murphy.

If your home was damaged by the storm, Red Cross encourages anyone who needs help to contact them to see if you can qualify for assistance. To reach them call 1-800-REDCROSS.