‘Together Louisiana’ paying $15 an hour now hiring people to go door-to-door to help with vaccination efforts


NEW ORLEANS — A major state-wide campaign is about to start to get folks in the lowest vaccinated areas-their COVID-19 shots. Not only that , this campaign is hiring and paying people to go door-to-door to get the word out about the vaccines.

Door-to-door, neighborhood by neighborhood, neighbor to neighbor, ‘Together Louisiana’ is hiring canvassers for the Vaccine Equity Project. The goal is to turn the lowest vaccinated areas into the highest vaccinated areas.

“A few are afraid to get the shots. They are afraid of getting sick, but that shouldn’t matter,” Shantell Ross, a neighbor who got the COVID-19 vaccine said.

It is about getting the word out. The canvassers that ‘Together Louisiana’ is looking to hire will get paid $15 an hour and work in high risk neighborhoods to schedule vaccine appointments.

“Vaccines should be able to help us all,” Ross said.

Shantell Ross and Jimmy James live in Central City. Central City was an area hit hard by COVID-19, and it is an area that canvassers will target.

“I knew a lot of people who got the virus, and it is very very hard to know that,” James said.

“It was important for me to get the vaccine because I was ill. I didn’t want to get the virus and be more sick than I already am,” Ross said.

They feel like a campaign like this is not only giving people jobs, but it is also getting information to neighbors who need it most right now and it is sure to make vaccinations easier for them. The canvassers will schedule vaccine appointments for residents at their neighborhood event.

“If we all get vaccinated, then what a wonderful world it will be,” she said.

These canvassing jobs are between 30-40 hours per week. They are just temporary for about up to 3 months, and the jobs start next week.

Full and part time positions are available. For more information on applying for these ‘Together Louisiana’ jobs, click HERE.

The campaign will identify the highest-priority census tracts based on social vulnerability and current vaccination rates.

For questions, please contact: jobs@togetherla.org

Canvasser positions are available in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Alexandria, Shreveport and Northeast Louisiana.

The Vaccine Equity Project is part of Bring Back Louisiana — a partnership between Together Louisiana, the Louisiana Department of Health, the Louisiana Public Health Institute, Louisiana Primary Care Association, vaccine providers, the Power Coalition and other community organizations.

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