HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) — Every autumn, the English village of Albright appears in Hammond alongside the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Filled with characters, shows and experiences like dancing, drumming, and jousting from the 16th century the festival is one of the state’s most popular events.

Festival CEO Alvon Brumfield said fest goers should come early and wear comfortable shoes.

“Come prepared to have a good time because we’re going to make that happen. The entire family can join, and everyone can enjoy themselves. What I love to see is people having a good, safe, fun time outdoors, and you’ll learn a little bit while you’re out here,” says Brumfield.

Families wishing to attend might want to sit down and create a schedule because there are multiple events happening at the same time each day of the festival. Stages, shops, and the food center are scattered across the village, and it can take at least two to three hours to take it all in.

A crowd pleaser for all ages is the jousting competition. Repeat fans come to see who will win the battle.

Silas Holtz is one of the jousters and he explains why it never gets boring for the characters.

“So the thing that makes each performance different is the fact that when we are doing lance passes in our show, we are jousting for real! No one knows what’s going to happen,” says Holtz.

“Jousting is a sport that evolved over hundreds of years in the Middle Ages. It started as a way for knights to train for battle. Your goal is to strike your opponent with a good, strong blow using the power of your horse. If you hit them so hard that your lance shatters into pieces, you get extra points for that, and you never know when that crazy massive hit is gonna come,” Holtz explains.

Watch a parade, visit the Queen, ride a camel or get a Henna tattoo. However you choose to enjoy your time travel to the 1500s, the Village of Albright is ready to welcome you every weekend, now through Dec. 10.

“Each weekend has its own little theme. We have things like Viking weekend and Celtic weekend. The last weekend is fireworks weekend if you like fireworks,” said Brumfield.

The festival also hosts specialty events such as whiskey tasting, tea with the Queen, or a feast. Those wishing to attend can purchase tickets on the Ren Fest website.

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