LOUISIANA (KLFY)— Sugar cane farmer Eddie Lewis talks about this year’s harvest and what he is expecting following the severe drought Louisiana has been in.

He said it does not look good, but he was preparing for this already.

“We kinda seen the weather was drying up, and the cane was dying,” Lewis said. “As a sugar cane farmer, you are always looking two or three years ahead.”

Almost all of Louisiana is experiencing severe drought conditions, according to the National Integrated Drought Information System. Lewis said this is one of the most difficult harvests he and many other cane farmers have ever experienced. He said the sugar cane crop is going to be below average this harvest season.

“We are used to 35 to 40 tons of crop,” Lewis said. “This year we are probably looking at 28 to 30 tons to the acre.”

Lewis has advice for other cane farmers who are not sure what to expect come harvest time.

“Now is the time to talk to your insurance agents,” Lewis said. “Talk to your bankers. Talk to your landowners, and just make them aware of the situation.”

Despite the drought, Lewis said it is all part of the challenges the industry brings.

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