(KLFY) – In a study of the best and worst states for millennials, Louisiana ranked as one of the worst.

The 2022 Wallethub study compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia using 34 key metrics ranging such as millennial unemployment and millennial voter turnout to determine where the generation is thriving and struggling.

According to the study, Louisiana was ranked 47th in the best states for millennials.

The top five best states were Washington (1), the District of Columbia (2), Massachusetts (3), Utah (4), and Illinois (5), according to the study.

At the bottom of the pack were Louisiana (47), Arkansas (48), New Mexico (49), West Virginia (50), and Mississippi (51).

Louisiana’s ranking in specific categories:

  • Affordability: 22nd
  • Education and Health: 45th
  • Quality of Life: 43rd
  • Economic Health: 50th
  • Civic Engagement: 32nd

For the full study, click here.