NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It is a big day for Taylor Swift fans hoping to see her in the Superdome next year. Fan codes to buy tickets are expected today, but the process for getting the tickets won’t be easy.

Everything will be alright for any “Swiftie” as long as they can get tickets.

“Potentially you could be sitting in a room for two hours, and then all the tickets sell out before it is your chance, so you have to be patient,” April Catarella, senior director of public relations at Gambel Communications, said.

Catarella says she knows the process all “Swifties” must endure to snag tickets through Ticketmaster.

“Today, fans that have been verified by Ticketmaster will receive their codes and ticket window for ordering tomorrow morning,” she said.

She went on to say, “If you don’t have a fan code, you’re probably a little out of luck.”

“The fan code will tell you your ticket window for two-to-three-hour blocks over the next three days,” Catarella said.

Once you get your ticket window, she says to sign in 30 minutes before and have all your pass codes and billing information ready.

“You’re actually in a virtual queue, just waiting until your number is called. There is actually a man on the screen that mimics walking up the line,” she said.

When it is finally your turn, you’ll have the option to buy four tickets at whatever price Ticketmaster sets.

“My recommendation with as popular as this tour is, buy the tickets they offer you. One of my favorite songs of Taylor Swift’s is ‘How You Get the Girl.’ Hopefully, it’s how you get the girl, and how you get the tickets to go see the girl,” she said.

Taylor Swift will play the Superdome on Oct. 25, 26, and 27 in 2024.

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