UPDATE (05/24/2023): According to authorities, on May 18, 2023, at approximately 8:58 AM, the Bastrop Police Department received a call from Morehouse General Hospital in reference to their treatment of a victim with apparent wounds derived from a knife.  Shortly after, officers learned that the alleged subject responsible for the victim’s injuries was located at 403 Smith Street.  

Upon arrival at this location, an officer encountered a male subject with a utility knife.  According to officials, the officer instructed the subject to lay on the ground. The subject allegedly failed to comply and charged the officer. This action resulted in the officer discharging his firearm and shooting the subject. The male subject was pronounced dead at the scene. 

UPDATE: (5/18/2023) According to authorities, at 9:21 AM, the Bastrop Police Department requested the Louisiana State Police to investigate an officer-involved shooting on Smith Street, in Bastrop, La. One subject was shot and pronounced dead, and one officer received minor injuries.

While NBC 10 was on the scene, one angry resident spoke and shared his sentiments.

They shot the little homie he wasn’t about no trouble; he was coming off of Robinson Street and he seen the police he knew he had messed up. He walked over there on the church ground. Police pulled in and they jumped out. He didn’t have a pistol; he didn’t have anything but a little pocketknife. Why come over here to this neighborhood right here. Everyday man somebody going to jail for nothing for just sitting around. The police just aren’t right down here. You got some good ones, and you got some bad ones; but that one right there that shot that boy they need to punish him. You know we have a lot of violence going on and crooked people out in the world and I’m going to speak up I’m going to stand up for mine.

Terrance Chandler, Bastrop Resident

BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On May 18, 2023, Sheriff Mike Tubbs of the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed that an officer involved shooting took place on Smith Street in Bastrop, La. Tubbs also confirmed that Louisiana State Police have begun an investigation into the incident.

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