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State Police respond to allegations of hazing, cheating scandal at training academy


Tonight an investigation is underway after several cadets were injured while training with State Police.

State Police say, injuries during training- especially during tactical exercises–are not uncommon. But it’s never to this extent.

Jonah Gilmore has the details.

Still gathering the facts for an investigation. state police say, what happened during the latest training was out of the norm.

“I have full confidence in our training program here at the Louisiana State Police academy but that training process has to stay within the perimeter and less plans that are established.”

Following allegations of hazing like activity, state police confirmed a number of cadets were injured, saying the injuries were from a tactical training activity.

“I don’t personally have information on if the nurses called State Police. That’s not where we received our information from. defensive tactics, that block of training is a physical block of training and injuries during that block of training is not uncommon.”

During Tuesday’s news conference, Col. Kevin Reeves acknowledged something happened, saying a number of troopers had been transferred and cadets were removed from training.

“Monday morning our internal affairs investigation begin, also the first of three personnel transfers took place. our ie investigation continues and two additional transfers have taken place.”

though it is unclear exactly what happened, reeves tells us he did he apologize to the cadets who only started training two days ago.

“I told them, that i wanted them the opportunity to visit with their families and i told them i was sorry. i made a commitment to keep them safe and I want to ensure that I keep that commitment to them. I take this very personally because I did tell them and their families that we will do that at this academy.”

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