NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) Volunteers searching for the seven remaining Seacor crew members found three hard hats and eight life jackets that could have been worn by members who were on the power lift boat.

The discovery happened Sunday while crews were out in the waters from Cocodrie to Fourchon and Whiskey Island.

Scott Daspit is the father of missing crew member Dylan Daspit of Lafayette.

He confirmed with News 10 that the items were brought to shore Sunday during the ongoing search and recovery efforts.

The crew members who were on board the Seacor Power lift boat had little time to prepare for what became a deadly boat disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Of the 19 original crew members, six were rescued alive and 13 were initially unaccounted for. In the hours and days following the disaster, six bodies have been recovered.

Funeral held Saturday in Lafayette for Seacor crew member Ernest Williams