MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. — The Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens about several scams that have been hitting the area over the past few months.

Here are the scams that they know about so far:

  • A text from Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services stating that due to social distancing, they’re offering free, premium service
  • An email claiming you’re eligible for an emergency government grant
  • A call from Louisiana State Police asking if you’d like them to come and visit your home or office in order to offer advice on the best security company to use
  • A call from someone stating your family member is exhibiting signs of the coronavirus and is in hospital, but they can’t be seen until a deposit is paid.
  • A check in the mail wanting you to deposit the money and then send a copy of your deposit slip as “proof” that you got the money. They are taking the account info from the slip and emptying your account.

If you have fallen victim to one of these scams, call your local law enforcement officials.