Renters say they feel stuck during the flood recovery process


BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– Many homeowners started to repair their homes from the storm, however, those leasing may feel like they are at a standstill.

Several apartments across Baton Rouge have experienced some flooding over the past few days and this has left residents with a lot of questions. A few residents at Kingston Point said they are trying to move forward but are a little frustrated.

Wet furniture, trash, and stalled cars are all remnants from the damage caused by the flood.

When asked about how she feels after the flooding, Baton Rouge resident Hilary Alkilani said, “Devastated, considering it’s having to come to work, and then come home to deal with this.”

Some tried to salvage what they can and others say they have reached out to management.

Alkilani said, “In that aspect, I’m not too happy about it. They are telling everybody to just call the Red Cross center and they don’t have anything for us. I try to call. You can’t get a hold of nobody.”

Kingston Point residents said they don’t know where to turn and are looking for answers.

“It’s hard to really move forward when you are in a residential place that is supposed to be liable for damages that are not caused by you,” said Alkilani.

East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security has a few tips for renters. First, they say refer to your renter’s insurance policy as storm damage may be covered. Damaged personal property should also be covered. Depending on your policy, expect your deductible to be subtracted from the value of total losses.

They also said that if your residency is unlivable, some renters insurance policies could help pay for hotel stays, but it is good to check in with your insurance company.

Other federal assistance may also soon be available. Mayor Sharon Weston Broome said in a statement: “I encourage everyone to take a moment and report their damages so that officials can adequately prepare crews and resources for recovery.”

We reached out to the property management company for Kingston Point and had yet to hear back, prior to publication.

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