LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As the top seven candidates for Louisiana governor took to the podiums inside, protestors gathered outside protesting against one particular candidate.

Protesters with “Real Name Campaign” and other organizations stood outside the KLFY studio Friday night to protest the front runner for Louisiana governor, Jeff Landry.

Quest Riggs and Sadie Summerlin both turned out for Friday night’s protest. They said Landry is a threat to all who live in Louisiana, especially the LGBTQ community.

“We along with hundreds of thousands of people across Louisiana consider Jeff Landry to be a special threat to our state and a special threat particularly to the LGBTQ people of our state,” said Riggs.

Summerlin said they were out there to let people know what is on the ballot when voters take the polls this October.

“I truly believe that change is on the ballot this year in Louisiana and all we have to do is go out and put our votes; make our voices heard and that’s why we’re here,” said Summerlin.

Both Riggs and Summerlin say Landry is their focal point during the debate because it’s the only one he has shown up for and the other candidates have not shared the exact views as Landry.

“While we definitely do not share their views, they have not made it part of their political career to attack the rights of LGBTQ people and characterize us as groomers,” said Riggs. “So we want to ensure that all Louisianians know that he’s dangerous and we deserve better,” Summerlin added.

Protesters say they just want voters to be informed of their options when it comes to other candidates.