Protesters demand Governor Edwards lift stay-at-home order


BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33)( FOX 44) – Protesters gathered in front of the Governor’s Mansion asking for the stay-at-home order to be lifted for the second time.

Protesters say it’s no longer just about the economy, but the Bill of Rights. Bart Gillis, one of the protesters, says there’s no reason the state should still be closed.

“I take my rights seriously and I’m not quiet when they’re being trampled upon,” Gillis says.

The stay-at-home order extension was just another nail in the coffin to Gillis. He’s a realtor and his partner, Dennis Hendry, is works at a bead shop. Both have fallen on hard times because of the virus. Hendry lost his job and Gillis can’t book a showing for his houses. If anyone is to make a decision about how both should manage during this pandemic, Gillis says it should be him, not the government.

Gillis and his partner, Dennis Hendry.

“The rest of us need to be out there taking care of our families. No one wants to be out there on the government dole a moment longer than they have to.”

Gillis’ story mirrors the bulk of today’s crowd. Struggling business owners and people wanting to worship all worried that the governor’s order may set a trend for undermining freedom. Hendry fears what could come next.
“When the government starts helping you, then they want to tell you where to live, how to live, when to eat, when to sleep,” Hendry says. “And that’s just wrong.”

The order has already been extended. These protesters know that, some say they just want more control and a voice when comes to life and business.

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