LOUISIANA (KLFY) – If you’re under 21 years old, you may not be able to get into bars much longer.

A state senator is proposing a bill in the wake of the tragic death of LSU student Madison Brooks in hopes to prevent underage drinking.

Residents News 10 spoke with have mixed opinions on this proposed bill. Some say they think it’s a good thing, while others say regardless of the good it intends to create, they do not think it’s a good idea for the state.

“I went to college in New York state, and the thing I looked forward to about coming back to Louisiana was the fact that you could go to bars. As someone who lived in a state where it was 21 plus, it was detramental to a lot of the businesses there because the youth wanted to support a lot of places and couldn’t do that,” Colette Bernard said.

“Going to bars when I was 18, it was the time of my life, even if i wasn’t drinking. I think it’s such a positive social influence whenever you go to a bar,” Lafayette Parish resident Noah Hebert added.

“I feel like having the bars open for 18 year olds, it’s a good introduction because you still will have 18 year olds sneaking into bars anyways,” Gabrielle Sonnier told News 10.

Many residents told News 10 they believe the legislature should not make the decision for the entire state.

“I generally think people should be left alone to do whatever they want to do. I think probably parents should be in charge of what kids do more than the government,” Andre Toce Jr. said.

“If they want to stop underage drinking, that will probably slow it down some. But if you can get into the draft at 18, I think you should be able to drink at 18. Most other countries are 18 as well, so I don’t see why it should be 21 anyways,” another Lafayette Parish resident, Garrett Manitzas added.

While the goal of the proposed bill is to make it more difficult for young adults to get alcohol, residents here say state legislators should look at other solutions.

“I think that asking the question, ‘What do I think about this bill,’ begs the question of what is there for young people and adults to do that is non-alcohol related? I wish we had more things like game rooms, places where inexpensively, you can go do a craft or a skill,” Diane Kirksey told News Ten.

The proposed bill will hit the floor for debate in April.