LOUISIANA (KLFY) — Louisiana’s multi-billion-dollar seafood industry has struggled to stay afloat for the past few years as cheaper imported products from other countries are taking over.

A new petition created by Eliska Branch, to help Louisiana’s seafood industry was created to prevent more commercial fishermen from docking their boats for good.

“That’s how they put food on the table, and it is hard to watch them suffer,” said Branch. “I started the petition and wanted to get anybody that I could to sign it who agrees with it. I have sent the petition to the governor’s email.”

Louisiana shrimpers are feeling the impact imports have on their way of life. Branch said how they decided to support the petition to protect their jobs as well.

“They have signed it. They also sent Louisiana Shrimp Association petitions the state of Louisiana to declare an emergency disaster declaration,” said Branch.

Branch says she grew up around the industry. She has seen firsthand the impact this has on her loved one and is ready to step up and do something about it.

“Somebody has got to speak up and I am just trying to be heard for all of us,” said Branch.

If you would like to help save one of Louisiana’s most important industries click here.