Oyster shortages loom after record floods: “Never been this bad”


NEW ORLEANS, La. (CBS News)- Heavy flooding by the Mississippi River earlier this year, along with other extreme weather around the U.S., is wreaking havoc on oyster beds along the Gulf of Mexico and pushing up prices for the delicacy.

One Louisiana restaurant chain, the Acme Oyster House, temporarily stopped serving raw oysters because of the shortage, according to local publication Nola.com. “If we can’t get Louisiana oysters, we’re not going to serve raw oysters at all,” Acme CEO Paul Rotner told the outlet.

Heavy flooding in the Midwest this spring, along with other extreme weather events, has been linked to climate change. Records show that, since the early 1900s, annual precipitation has risen 15% to 20% in the Upper Midwest. The region, along with areas around the Great Lakes and the Northeast, is projected to see the greatest increase in precipitation.

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