LOUISIANA (KLFY) – On Saturday, May 20, an 18-wheeler driver hit an abandoned vehicle on I-49, resulting in his death.

According to police, the deceased is Mariano Gonzalez, 57 of Pharr, Texas.

During the crash, the 18-wheeler crashed into an abandoned vehicle parked on the shoulder of the interstate.

Lafayette Police confirmed the abandoned vehicle was not a contributor to the crash.  Therefore, the owner will not be cited.

“I can tell you this vehicle will not be cited because it was two feet from the fog line which is the adequate amount of feet away from the roadway,” Sgt. Robin Green said.

Sgt. Green said the investigation into what led to the incident will take more time.

“We still have some witnesses we need to speak with.  This is going to be a lengthy investigation,” Green noted.

Even though the abandoned vehicle is not considered a factor in the fatal crash, it’s crucial people know the law.

Louisiana State Trooper Thomas Gossen said in many instances abandoned vehicles will immediately be deemed a danger or hazard if it’s parked near the fog line or partially in the roadway.

“That would be a different circumstance and that would be removed immediately,” TFC Gossen explained.

A vehicle that’s left abandoned will be tagged with a notice for it to be removed by the owner. Gossen said, if you pull onto the shoulder for an emergency, that’s understandable, get help removing the vehicle as soon as possible.

“We’ll put a sticker on the back of the vehicle saying who tagged it, and what time it was tagged.  We put that in our radio log and the owner has 24 hours to move that vehicle. After 24 hours, we would typically go back and tow that vehicle from the roadway,” Gossen added.

Gossen recommended drivers review Louisiana statute 32:296. He said it’s the law when it comes to roadside parking.