OPSO: Teacher batters student at East Ouachita Middle School


OUACHITA PARISH, La. (NBC 10/FOX 14)- In a viral video on Facebook, a student at East Ouachita Middle School can be seen pressed against the wall with nowhere to go.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies report that Andre Fuller, a substitute teacher, battered a middle school student.

Christina Hamilton and her husband Melvin agree that children need a voice, so after watching the video, she had to say something.

Back in September, she filed a formal complaint with the Louisiana Department of Education after an incident occurred with her son. A police report was also filed with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department. Hamilton indicated that her son was yanked by his book bag by Tremayne January, a paraprofessional at the same school.

“If I would have put my hands on him and jerked him around like that in public, I would have gone to jail,” she said.

As tears fell from her eyes as she recalls the incident. Hamilton’s 14-year-old son lives with special needs and unlike the viral video, she doesn’t have a video to show exactly what happened.

“It’s a whole different ball game and unless you live it…you shouldn’t say anything,” she said.

According to the Department of Education, restraining a disabled child does not include “Momentarily blocking their actions,” it reads.

“You can’t discipline a child with Aspergers or even ADHD, the same way you do as a child who doesn’t have that,” Hamilton said. 

She’s just hopeful that this stops before any other child is hurt, she’s asking for a full investigation by the Louisiana Department of Education. 

“If there are any other parents out there [and] this has happened to your child and you haven’t said anything please speak up!” Melvin Hamilton pleaded.

NBC 10/FOX 14 has heard back from the superintendent’s office in response to this incident. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed that there is no school resource officer assigned to East Ouachita Middle School.

Both teachers mentioned in this story are no longer employees of the school.

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