(KLFY)- A recently formed non-profit is working to help five families devastated by the Seacor Power disaster.

It’s called Lift Acadiana and part of their mission is to let the families know that they are not alone.

“Very emotional. We are really giving it to God. It’s hard to put it into words,” creator Brook Fremin says.

Acadiana is still taking care of their own.

100% of Lift Acadiana’s profits will go directly to help the five Acadiana families rebuild their lives.

“My husband is co-worker of two men still missing that we know personally. I just felt compelled to help in anyway we could. It could have been my husband out there,” Fremin continues.

Just days after the boat capsized, the devastating photos and videos, coming from the Gulf pushed Fremin to get involved, saying this disaster hits close to home.

Fremin continues, “My husband was on the water that day. He unfortunately witnessed the entire thing.”

The non-profit created by Fremin is focusing on working with the community to ensure the five families of the Seacor crew have their immediate needs provided for.

“Some of these men were sole providers. We need to help them pay for house notes, car notes, insurance. We need to help immediately,” explains Fremin.

The non-profit launched just a week ago and has already collected over ten thousand dollars. Fremin says families should receive funds as early as this week.

“Definitely inspirational. Oilfield families support each other. They lean on each other,” Fremin adds.

Lift Acadiana