On Sunday, the mother of Ronald Greene spoke out on ‘CBS This mMorning’ just weeks after body cam footage was released of his deadly encounter with Louisiana State Police.

The footage shows troopers kicking, punching and then tasing her son during an arrest near Monroe in May of 2019.

This is Mona Hardin in her own words.

“I’m sorry. I’m scared. I’m your brother.”

These were some of my son’s last words, before he was killed.

On May 10, 2019, my son Ronald Greene was tortured to death by Louisiana State Troopers in Monroe, Louisiana.

My son Ronnie was tasered, punched, & choked by white officers, they shackled Ronnie’s wrists and ankles, pepper sprayed him while lying face down and left him moaning for more than nine minutes as they washed and wiped his blood from their hands and faces while he struggled to breathe, bleeding from their beating. Then the officers bragged to each other about what they did.

When medical assistance finally got there Ronnie was limp and unresponsive, he was loaded into the ambulance, cuffed to the bedrail, without any administration of oxygen or aid.

After my son was killed by these cops, the call came – The Louisiana State Police lied to me and told me he died in a car crash.

They hid the body camera footage from the public for more than two years.

I saw my son Ronnie murdered at the hands of those troopers. There’s no way you can look at the body camera videos and not see that.

I wish I could tell you that these officers have been convicted of the crimes they did that night, but they have not.

I wish I could tell you that justice has been served for my Ronnie…. but it has not.

No one has been held accountable for my child’s death.