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MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Monroe Police Department responded to a call on July 22 involving a 2-month-old infant not breathing on Oak Street in Monroe.

According to police, Destiny Navarro, the mother of the infant, stated she was holding the baby in her arms while in the kitchen. Navarro was walking out of the kitchen through the doorway when the baby’s head struck the door frame.

Navarro allegedly dropped her child with the child’s head hitting the tile floor of the hallway. According to reports, Navarro said the baby did not act like her normal self after the incident.

Navarro allegedly waited approximately 20 minutes before allowing her child to go to sleep. At 9 a.m., Navarro woke her child to feed her and stated that the child did not eat as normally as usual. After feeding her baby, they both went back to sleep.

According to reports, Navarro was awakened by the victim’s father. Navarro stated she was informed by the father that the infant was no longer breathing and that he needed to call 911. Navarro proceeded to say she was scared to contact anyone about the incident, which is why she did not contact the police at the time.

After calling the police, the infant was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced deceased at approximately 2:14 p.m. Navarro was arrested and charged with negligent homicide.