(KLFY) As Louisianans are threatened by Hurricane Delta, a sign on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway jokingly warned a certain television meteorologist to ‘stay away‘.

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore is no stranger to Louisiana this hurricane season, but he’s not wanted back. 

“Jim Cantore, Stay Home!” an overhead signage board read.

He replied, “Where is the love?” 

“It’s kind of weird the way the whole thing has grown where I’m kind of the Grim Reaper,” Cantore told the USA TODAY Network.

Hurricane Delta strengthened into a Category 4 on Tuesday morning with maximum sustained winds near 130 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. 

“This is Wilma type rapid intensification!!” Cantore tweeted on Tuesday.

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma intensified from 75 mph to 185 mph in just 24 hours, according to meteorologist Philip Klotzbach