WEST FELECIANA, La. (KLFY) — One bad decision could be the difference between a lifelong lesson or lifetime sentence.

This is what inspired Tyrone Glover’s mission to impact the youth by bringing them to Angola’s rodeo, and allowing them the opportunity to experience life in more than one way.

Glover gives back to his community by bussing a group of young boys and girls to the Angola Rodeo where they are able to experience first-hand how bad decisions could drastically change their lives.

Glover said he’s been doing this for over 20 years and every year more kids come along.

“I wasn’t always on the right side of the law and did some things I’m in my life not proud of and God gave me a second chance,” Glover said. “With that second chance I vowed to give back to my community and anybody I can deter from doing the wrong thing.”

Congressman Clay Higgins recently partnered with Glover to continue to bring awareness to the outreach.

Higgins said the youth are impacted by this experience because once they hear the inmate’s stories and experiences, they “soak it in” and he sees a real change in their outlook.

Some of the children have gone on the mentoring trip before, but for the others, like Noura Elgamel, this is their first time.

“I hope to learn about their perspective, what they’re going through, and maybe talk to other younger kids,” Elgamel said.

Inmates, who have experienced what bad choices could lead to, offer words of wisdom to the youth to encourage and warn them how to avoid ending up in a place like Angola.

Justin Singleton, an inmate who mentors others on making better choices said, “it’s very important that we invest in our youth now so that prison doesn’t become their reality.”

Harmon Jones, another inmate serving a life sentence, said he challenges his mentees and youth to be intentional in doing better.

“I try to challenge our youth to take the moment to do good, take the moment to be progressive, take the moment to be successful, and take the moment to really live,” said Jones.

Glover said he just wants the youth and community to know the importance of making better decisions and avoiding influences and things that could ruin their lives.