ST. FRANCISVILLE, La. (BRPROUD) – As south Louisiana’s residents watch the recently released movie, “Master Gardener” some may notice familiar scenery.

Award-winning director, Paul Schrader and his crew shot the movie in various locations across the Bayou State.

Schrader filmed most of the flick at two St. Francisville historic sites, Greenwood Plantation B&B and Rosedown Plantation.

Trish Aleshire, Rosedown’s park manager, said the site was selected for its gardens.

“They were looking for a garden that would still be green and have color in February. Our gardens are large and had a lot of evergreens during that time of year,” Aleshire explained.

Though neither Aleshire nor any of her colleagues got their big breaks during the filming, she said, “All of our greenhouse plants and conservatory plants had a starring role.”

Greenwood Plantation is also picturesque with classic colonial-style architecture that whisks onlookers back to the 1800’s. It’s no wonder the plantation is preferred among Hollywood directors looking to set up camp in Louisiana. Over the years, Greenwood has been featured in other films like “Louisiana,” “North & South,” “GI Joe II,” and “Jeepers Creepers III.”

The large home, set against a backdrop of lush green oaks draped in moss, embodied the idea Schrader and his producers were looking for.

Louisiana dog goes from Marines to Hollywood debut

But the scenery isn’t the only aspect of the movie that will be familiar to some locals. They may also recognize a friendly face or two among the actors.

Mary Heine, an employee at Greenwood, said her son’s dog Spike was featured in the film. Spike played Sigourney Weaver’s pup. But this isn’t the most adventurous undertaking Spike has taken on.

Before making his Hollywood South debut, Spike served in the Marines alongside Heine’s late son, Jared. During his time in the service, Spike earned the rank of sergeant.

“Dogs are always ranked a step above their masters,” Heine explained. So, when Jared was promoted, Spike was too.

What’s the movie about?

“Master Gardener” introduces audiences to Narvel Roth, a horticulturist who dedicates himself to caring for the gardens on a large estate a wealthy older woman owns. But Roth’s life turns upside-down when his employer asks him to watch her troubled great-niece.

The film stars Joel Edgerton as Roth, Sigourney Weaver as the woman who employs him, and Quintessa Swindell as the great-niece.

An enjoyable time on set

Aleshire said everyone at Rosedown enjoyed being a part of the production process.

“It was great,” Aleshire said. “We really enjoyed them. I’ve had movies filmed here before, and everyone’s always very respectful. This one was lovely too.”

“Master Gardener” was filmed over about three or four weeks in 2021, she said.

Aleshire added that though there was a time when a number of movies were shot at Rosedown, there’s been a bit of a lull lately. But she maintains an optimistic outlook.

“I’m sure it’ll pick back up. You never know,” she said.