(KLFY) The man convicted of killing a Louisiana State Trooper is getting a second chance to avoid a death sentence.

In 2015, Kevin Daigle shot and killed State Trooper Steven Vincent in Calcasieu Parish.

Prosecutors said daigle was intoxicated when he shot Trooper Vincent as he came to check on Daigle’s truck which was stuck in a ditch.

Vincent’s dashboard camera recorded the shooting and a microphone captured Daigle telling the officer he was going to die.

A jury convicted Daigle in 2019.

The Calcasieu Parish district attorney’s office now says after numerous appeals a new penalty hearing would be held.

This is after questions on whether one juror was qualified to serve on that jury.

Daigle’s conviction stands according to the agreement between the state and the defense.

A date has not been set.